Lori and I had never been known as tech savvy. Our children always managed the downloads and all the constant updates and gadgets. So I was surprised by how she’d started using her new phone. She’d been on it more, recently, curled up in the corner of the couch as we watched House Hagglers, the... Continue Reading →

100 Days

I’m outside after the show. Some kids scatter down the sidewalks of the old lower basin, where all the warehouses sit like tombstones. Cigarettes, mohawks, we’ve played the old shoe factory before, and I love it because of the sound, but the river smells like week old fish sticks. “Hey,” Zach calls out, opening the... Continue Reading →


I found Kurt in the breakroom, discussing the perks of yoga with an intern. I rolled my eyes. “Kurt, let’s go. The MASH meeting has started.” “Oh, is it Thursday, already?" he said with a smile. "Well, I’d hate to miss such an important matter." A slight bow to the girl. "Namaste, my dear." I... Continue Reading →

The Book Club

Mr. Leverette had taught wood shop at Bennett Middle School for nearly twenty years. In those two decades he’d managed to avoid school politics, fashion trends, three assistant principals, and more budget cuts than he could remember. Mr. Leverette kept his shop clean, his tools well-maintained and sharp. He took on each day like a... Continue Reading →


*This is my 100th story posted here at LunchBreak Fiction!   I’m deep in the tunnels of Vita-Life when I hear the alarm. Another walk through, I’m supposing. What do I care? Just yesterday I walked out of the Aldridge Room with a fancy notebook explaining my severance package. Seems there’s no need for three... Continue Reading →

Love and Propane

*A Continuation of Case Work, posted on 11/22/16...   “Right here, Barb. Pull in right here.” “Nolan, chill. Not my first rodeo, you know?” “See there, 1832 Writersblock Ave.” “I know where it is, Nolan.” “Mr. Reinbough’s lair.” “Lair…Really Nolan?” “What?” “Just the way you talk. It’s going to drive me to drink is all.” “Not that... Continue Reading →


John arrived early and found a stool at the bar, still trying to wrap his head around the fact that he was on a date. Well, not yet, she still hadn’t showed, but he'd done his part. He was out there because, what was the alternative? Home? Dinner for one? The Discovery Channel? He'd even gone with a button... Continue Reading →

The Discovery

Myron Mace awoke to a thump at his door. He bolted to his feet, being accustomed to callers at all hours of the night. A sliver of pale light on his windows, he cracked the door and found a box his feet. Myron’s heart accelerated, for even through the years of research and failure that acccompanied... Continue Reading →


Pulling in the driveway, I'm relieved to find Walter's Buick in its place. I shouldn't be.  I have the key, but something about seeing the old car sitting there when I get home, where I parked it two years ago, it gives me hope. Control. Then I see that the door is wide open, along... Continue Reading →

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