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If it weren’t for my two dogs, I’d have no stories to tell. The dogs need walks, lots of walks, and it’s on these walks where most of these ideas come to life. So it’s a fair arrangement for both of us.

The ideas usually hit mid-walk, at that point where I’m too far down the trail to run back to the house after realizing I’ve left a notepad or pen or stone tablet back home. So I can usually be spotted on the creekside trail, muttering and mumbling and otherwise conjuring up dialogue.

While a few of my stories have appeared in online publications, a handful of anthologies, and even a couple of writing contests, but I’m probably proudest of my letters to the editor of our local newspaper, involving trash and litter on those beloved trails.

Lunch Break Fiction. Well, life is busy. I have to work that pesky job, and so I’m thankful to have such a supportive wife and kid and those dog walks to work out my ideas. I usually find time to write in the mornings. Or evenings. Or my lunch break, in the car, a closet, or wherever else I can carve out a moment of spare time.

I’ve written more than one manuscript and used them to start more than one fire. But I’m thrilled to announce that both my debut novel, JUSTICE IN A BOTTLE, and my middle-grade road romp, RUNAWAY BLUES, are set to be published by Immortal-Works Press in 2020, followed by a third middle grade novel, BRICKTOWN BOYS, in January of 2021.

Thanks for stopping by,

Pete Fanning





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