Alex Trebek rambles on, another gracious anecdote that carries us through commercial break. I’d always thought these little chat-ups were fake, but the guy is full of himself, extolling the virtues of Malaysian fruits to the giggly delight of Sue, a teacher from Milwaukee. My mike pack digs into my sweaty back. It’s the first taping... Continue Reading →

Dinner Theater

“You’ll never get me to tell you where the jewels are.” Mom’s little party is popping. Candles, wine, drunk wannabe writers. Mom-the-truly-awful-playwright likes to get buzzing and have people “bring her writing to life.” Now, Sci-Fi-Eddie is fending off the advances of Lydia-the-memoir-writer. Eddie’s taken the role of Clyde Clisbee, a down on his luck... Continue Reading →

Senior Day

Lieutenant Edgar Crank had one day left. In his estimation, that put roughly four cups of black coffee, one ham and cheese sandwich, a bag of pretzels, two aspirin, and give or take thirty ounces of tap water between him and retirement. But these sentimental types, with all the well-wishing and congratulating. Balloons and gifts, even... Continue Reading →

Vows and Vagrancy

  Mark Bernard made several mistakes last night. He’d forgotten to charge his phone. He’d worn those loafers that chafed his heel. He’d forgotten to pick up flowers, then ordered the dried out chicken instead of sirloin at the steakhouse. But Mark’s biggest blunder, the one he’d come to regret the more than any of all... Continue Reading →


I feel safe. Ninety impenetrable miles away from authorities. Cuba is beautiful, and I have 3.3 million newfound reasons why I love Havana. For a while we sleep. After three months of nonstop planning, walkthroughs and going over and over and over my plan, sleep is nearly as rewarding as the haul. Ten million. Untraceable. Sitting... Continue Reading →


John arrived early and found a stool at the bar, still trying to wrap his head around the fact that he was on a date. Well, not yet, she still hadn’t showed, but he'd done his part. He was out there because, what was the alternative? Home? Dinner for one? The Discovery Channel? He'd even gone with a button... Continue Reading →

From Bride To Broom

I was at the altar, holding the clammy hands of Glenn Gordon Jeffries. I was trying hard not to noticed the flap of skin that was his left eyelid, wondering when if ever that windbag preacher would get done with all his yammering. He was going on about circles and trust and I swear, you'd of thought it was Easter... Continue Reading →

Bob O’Marley’s

Writing came easy. Before the deal. When it was just me nothing had to be perfect. Now it haunts me to the letter. I write handcuffed, knowing a deadline lurks. Editors loom. My family persists. So I’m left with nothing. I close my laptop. This isn’t working. My little office. My old town. What was I thinking? That... Continue Reading →

Misery of the Seas

It was hard to believe I was actually making a move and not letting life trample over me. That instead of retreating farther into my couch with a pile of romance novels and sappy movies I was hopping on a cruise ship to meander through the Caribbean. Gary was Gary and he wasn’t going to change.... Continue Reading →

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