I couldn’t believe she would show up like this, tapping on my door. Like I had nothing to do but sit at home and wait for her. Every night for the past eight months. Waiting. She was drunk, or close, her hair up in a lazy bun, curls dangling, spilling in a way Hollywood could... Continue Reading →

The Call

I was in my tree when the backdoor squeaked open. Mom plucked her cigarette into the yard. “Marcus.” “Yeah?” Her head followed my voice to the tree. Her eyes glistened. “Phone for you. It’s your, um, it’s your father honey.” My mom wasn’t one to get caught with emotions. She was fond of telling me... Continue Reading →


Paul calls it wandering. I heard them talking about it at supper. I don’t see the harm in it, the golf course is peaceful at night, without Janet shouting questions at my face, asking if I’ve taking my meds or need to use the bathroom. Out here I can piss where I please. I pull... Continue Reading →


I’m at my mailbox, tearing into a letter I’ve been expecting when I turn and find Molly Martinez standing in the road like she’d been expecting it too. It’s funny but not so funny. Because I kind of blame Molly for my predicament here. I mean, if I hadn’t walked into that lab that day…if... Continue Reading →

Swatting At Butterflies-One

The funeral was a mess. Half the town showed up to celebrate the life of a very special lady. They arrived fashionably late, slamming doors, huddling up and shushing each other as they descended on the tent during share-your-story time. The more brazen souls felt compelled to speak, some had even come prepared with a... Continue Reading →

Lady in Red

I’m stuck in this goofy time travel app I got through the IPhone B3. It must have a glitch or a virus or something because I selected the sixties. This is not the sixties. But I’m at my school, Wentworth High, and it’s dark out out. I’m roaming around a library full of worthless IBM computers with... Continue Reading →

Love and Propane

*A Continuation of Case Work, posted on 11/22/16...   “Right here, Barb. Pull in right here.” “Nolan, chill. Not my first rodeo, you know?” “See there, 1832 Writersblock Ave.” “I know where it is, Nolan.” “Mr. Reinbough’s lair.” “Lair…Really Nolan?” “What?” “Just the way you talk. It’s going to drive me to drink is all.” “Not that... Continue Reading →

Assisted Care Blues

Only two weeks of summer vacation sat between me and school when I breezed through the doors of the Autumn Springs Assisted Care Center. I found Miss Cheryl at the front desk, going on with another nurse about her daughter and the latest drama with her no good boyfriend. I smiled, pretending not to listen... Continue Reading →


Alex Trebek rambles on, another gracious anecdote that carries us through commercial break. I’d always thought these little chat-ups were fake, but the guy is full of himself, extolling the virtues of Malaysian fruits to the giggly delight of Sue, a teacher from Milwaukee. My mike pack digs into my sweaty back. It’s the first taping... Continue Reading →

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