Prime Time Dad

I grew up privileged. An only child in a fancy house with a view of the ocean. I roamed its halls, and imagined its many tidy rooms filled with brothers and sisters. Dot was always there, anticipating my needs. She always knew what I wanted to eat before my stomach grumbled. She tucked me in... Continue Reading →


This trailer ain’t but so big, and with four girls, it’s all I can do to keep them from fighting every day. It’s summertime, hot, and they mope around, a hurricane of blonde heads, whining, complaining about how they’re bored, painting my toenails and hogging the TV. Otherwise just being pests. If only I’d had... Continue Reading →


I was still stoned when I arrived for a job interview at 16 Flint Street, unable to do much of anything with the perma-grin pasted on my face when Mr. Elliot Goozer greeted me at the door. He was old, probably waist deep in his seventies,  gangly with wild, marauding eyes like a character I'd seen in... Continue Reading →

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