Out On A Limb

The world is so full of life. It’s in the sky, underground, in the water and in our minds. It’s the crayfish in the creek, the morning sun caught in a silvery web, a gnat getting caught in my eye, his persistent buzzing in my ear. It's the red whelps down my legs. It’s a... Continue Reading →


Julie paced the bamboo floors, wiggling her toes in her Toms between steps while Connie Chaplin stood in front of the television, her vodka tonic as much a part of her uniform as the linen pants and sandals. “Connie, we really need to talk.” “Relax, Jules, it’s nothing.” Relax. Julie always needed to relax. After Chase... Continue Reading →

Miss Baker’s Bullet

It wasn't the first time I'd awoken to a gunshot. Miss Baker liked to scare the bejesus out of us. It worked too. “Keeps you honest,” she was fond of saying, putting two bullets in her ivory handle .38, spinning it shut, then pointing it from boy to boy. Click  Click “Let God decide,” she said. Most of us... Continue Reading →

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