Gramps had been getting worse over the past few months. Aunt Janet called and left detailed messages. She went on about his most recent fall or scrape and the toll it was taking on Nan. She had to lug him out of bed sometimes when he got confused. Her back couldn't do it much longer.... Continue Reading →

Assisted Care Blues

Only two weeks of summer vacation sat between me and school when I breezed through the doors of the Autumn Springs Assisted Care Center. I found Miss Cheryl at the front desk, going on with another nurse about her daughter and the latest drama with her no good boyfriend. I smiled, pretending not to listen... Continue Reading →


Pulling in the driveway, I'm relieved to find Walter's Buick in its place. I shouldn't be.  I have the key, but something about seeing the old car sitting there when I get home, where I parked it two years ago, it gives me hope. Control. Then I see that the door is wide open, along... Continue Reading →

The Afterlight

Deshaun slunk low on the bench as the evening wound to an end. Before him, the horizon squeezed the day pink over the pond. He eyed the gazebo near the exit, wondering if his friend was going to miss the show. The door opened just in time. The old man shuffled down the walk way, wheezing and heaving until... Continue Reading →

Dinner with Elsie

Francis took his normal seat at his regular table. The black night filled the windows like mirrors of yesterday. “Well, you certainly look dapper tonight, Mr. Harold,” Lynette said with a smile. “Very handsome.” "Hmm? Oh please, call me Francis," he nodded, fiddling with his napkin. His hearing was dull, pounded so long ago from the blast... Continue Reading →

Taco Dinner

We’d just watched the fireworks. Same as last year. Mom, Dad, Michelle and the kids. And me. I was there, rubbery and bleary after a day with the old man. It was after ten as Ally set the table. Schedules were like the wallpaper at my parents’ house. Layered and outdated. Mostly ignored. “I’m not... Continue Reading →

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