The Call

I was in my tree when the backdoor squeaked open. Mom plucked her cigarette into the yard. “Marcus.” “Yeah?” Her head followed my voice to the tree. Her eyes glistened. “Phone for you. It’s your, um, it’s your father honey.” My mom wasn’t one to get caught with emotions. She was fond of telling me... Continue Reading →

Prime Time Dad

I grew up privileged. An only child in a fancy house with a view of the ocean. I roamed its halls, and imagined its many tidy rooms filled with brothers and sisters. Dot was always there, anticipating my needs. She always knew what I wanted to eat before my stomach grumbled. She tucked me in... Continue Reading →


This trailer ain’t but so big, and with four girls, it’s all I can do to keep them from fighting every day. It’s summertime, hot, and they mope around, a hurricane of blonde heads, whining, complaining about how they’re bored, painting my toenails and hogging the TV. Otherwise just being pests. If only I’d had... Continue Reading →

Raising Hell

It's a few minutes before nine and the street is mostly quiet. Errant candy wrappers lay shredded, casualties of dusk, a few goblins and stragglers in the shadows but otherwise dark porches, houses closed up for the night. Only the flicker of the immaculately carved pumpkins sitting on the porch of my old house shed any light on the... Continue Reading →

The Freeze

I hung up the phone and held my head in my hands. The dark walls of my apartment felt like a tomb as my mom’s voice rattled around in my head. “Your father’s frozen.” Sounds dramatic, but I had a hunch about what had happened. I’d dumped the brunette for a blonde, only the brunette turned... Continue Reading →

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