Truth or Dare

I took the dare. Always. No matter what the stakes or the consequences, I sucked it up and dared myself to walk. Anything to escape the truth. It was quiet. No traffic or people or runaway thoughts. Only my footsteps, as I crossed, stopping every ten or twelve steps to wait for the approaching hum... Continue Reading →


I’m at my mailbox, tearing into a letter I’ve been expecting when I turn and find Molly Martinez standing in the road like she’d been expecting it too. It’s funny but not so funny. Because I kind of blame Molly for my predicament here. I mean, if I hadn’t walked into that lab that day…if... Continue Reading →

Decent Drew

Lucky for me the guy was a bad shot. Hit my shoulder instead of my face. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t scared, shocked shitless really, when I leaned towards the car only to see him digging into the seat only to come back with a shiny black Glock. Maybe not a Glock, but... Continue Reading →

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