The Book Club

Mr. Leverette had taught wood shop at Bennett Middle School for nearly twenty years. In those two decades he’d managed to avoid school politics, fashion trends, three assistant principals, and more budget cuts than he could remember. Mr. Leverette kept his shop clean, his tools well-maintained and sharp. He took on each day like a... Continue Reading →


*Click to hear this story read over at Immortal Works.   I take my desk roughly two minutes after the bell rings. I start by flipping through a Vonnegut novel that makes hardly more sense than my profession. They trickle in, slow, casual, all with that strut and a laugh. The shield that masks the... Continue Reading →


My eighteenth birthday began with a bang. I stumbled down the hallway, groggy and half asleep only to slip on a banana peel. I went down with a thump. Dad hopped out of the kitchen, his thumbs in his suspenders as he paraded around with laughter. “Gotcha!” I grumbled as he helped me to my feet. “Never gets... Continue Reading →

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