Lemon Queens

Day twenty-six of the courthouse standoff, and Sergeant Nelson was dreaming of retirement. His usually shined Bate’s were scuffed at the toe as he looked on with stoic empathy, as men with beer guts and rifles traded insults with a group of masked skateboarders. At 53, Sergeant Nelson could smell the sawdust as he saw... Continue Reading →

Senior Day

Lieutenant Edgar Crank had one day left. In his estimation, that put roughly four cups of black coffee, one ham and cheese sandwich, a bag of pretzels, two aspirin, and give or take thirty ounces of tap water between him and retirement. But these sentimental types, with all the well-wishing and congratulating. Balloons and gifts, even... Continue Reading →

A Mannequin’s eyes

Dawn rises through a haze of tear gas, glittering off broken glass that crunches beneath our boots. The new day casts a muted warmth on last night's destruction, but the smell that lingers is sharp and acrid--a mix of rubber and plastic and things not meant to be burned. The city smolders. Everything is burning. Day... Continue Reading →

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