Hide and Seek

We played hide and seek every night that summer. Soon as it was dusk and the first lighting bug sparked to life, when all the critters started chirring and the front yard became magic, it was time for a game. We had a few rules and even fewer hiding spots. Mainly that you couldn't leave... Continue Reading →

Monster’s Day

We were on the side patio. The sun fighting with the passing clouds. I’d just set the burgers on the grill as Lani and Heather sat with the kids, in the thick of negotiations over the usage of the Radio Flyer. I kept glancing back, smiling, at Heather’s kids, with my kids. Still hard to... Continue Reading →

Rewards Card

I don’t do CrossFit, I do grocery shopping with four kids. Eli and Rudy like to sprint the aisles, slaying dragons, while Ella prefers cartwheels. Lea likes to scream full tilt from the cart, tossing loafs of bread overboard. It’s a sinking ship, my cart. My car. My house. With laundry and lunches. Dishes and... Continue Reading →

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