Fourth of July To Go

It started towards the end of the school year, when Mom got really tired. She grew frail, had trouble walking from the car to the store. By summer, her skin was grayish and she stayed in bed with the curtains drawn. Daddy was busy being mayor, although it seemed everyone in town was turning against... Continue Reading →

My Mom and Mr. Wainwright

Every Fourth of July since I could remember, we’d gone to the Independence Day celebration at Peaks Park. It was the same stuff every year. Pony rides, kiddie games, baseball, music, and lots of food. Food by the truckload, enough barbecue and burgers and hot dogs to feed the whole town twice over. But even with... Continue Reading →

Taco Dinner

We’d just watched the fireworks. Same as last year. Mom, Dad, Michelle and the kids. And me. I was there, rubbery and bleary after a day with the old man. It was after ten as Ally set the table. Schedules were like the wallpaper at my parents’ house. Layered and outdated. Mostly ignored. “I’m not... Continue Reading →

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