Out of This World

I wake up late, after an endless fit of rotating thoughts. I'm still thinking, thinking-but-not-thinking about a most horrific date. Marso. What a loser. Crater-faced and cocky, bragging about his polar caps and all. We weren’t even maybe two years in before I knew that it would never work. Some guys are just light years away from a clue. So Mother’s... Continue Reading →

A Mannequin’s eyes

Dawn rises through a haze of tear gas, glittering off broken glass that crunches beneath our boots. The new day casts a muted warmth on last night's destruction, but the smell that lingers is sharp and acrid--a mix of rubber and plastic and things not meant to be burned. The city smolders. Everything is burning. Day... Continue Reading →

The Dinner Debates

We slid into Dad’s truck, continuing the strangest evening of my twelve-year-old life. Mom scooted past the plans and papers to the middle seat and wiped at her skirt, fussing about all the red dirt and dust. As for me, I’d managed to pass under her radar in a semi-wrinkled collared shirt and a pair of jeans that... Continue Reading →

Why Go Home

  I really don’t know where to start. The cancer I guess. I’ll just kind of glaze over what killed my mom and then maybe we can get on with it. But first I should say that I’ve never known my father, so don’t waste your time trying to analyze or whatever how his absence... Continue Reading →

Little Library

Frank gave the guys at the hardware store a line about putting in a mailbox. No need to have them ribbing him about little libraries or dollhouses or what not. He bought a post, some ready mix, gravel. A few of those nice stainless steel knobs for the doors. He'd taken to the task of building... Continue Reading →


I was still stoned when I arrived for a job interview at 16 Flint Street, unable to do much of anything with the perma-grin pasted on my face when Mr. Elliot Goozer greeted me at the door. He was old, probably waist deep in his seventies,  gangly with wild, marauding eyes like a character I'd seen in... Continue Reading →

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