Dream Come True

Lily says my dream girl is a total snob. She says Stacey Peaks doesn’t know I exist. I disagree. I mean, yeah, I might only exist in the way a piece of furniture exists in the corner of a room--something to take up space in the backdrop to Stacey’s life--but hey, I'm there. Stacey sits... Continue Reading →


Lia and I shuffled past the three faded race car rides and the pay phone out front of Sweeney's Grocer. I’d never known them to work--the cars or the phone--but I used to always have to sit in the cars and pretend when I was little. Sweeney’s had been around since my grandparents’ time. With vomit... Continue Reading →

Subterranean Love

Marla Callahan arrived with her family, her hair tossed, spun across her face like a net as the drones were falling from the plum bruised sky. Everything had been upended, infrastructure and screens going dark as every major city on the planet erupted in chaos. But even without the dire newscast and network warnings there was... Continue Reading →

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