Scars From Climbing

I hadn't been back to Sharp Top Mountain in nearly forty years. And leaving my family, my wife’s pleading eyes followed me out to the car, my two kids watched silently, I hated that they made it such a big deal. That it was such a big deal. We were only a third of the... Continue Reading →


The bathroom inside the PullenGo belonged in a horror movie. From the dangling light bulb that flung Noah’s reflection around a fun house mirror, to the flies buzzing over the mystery liquid on the concrete floor, the smears on the concrete wall, It belonged on a set. But it was the smell, the smell was... Continue Reading →

Jack and Beans Talk

The elevators at Kemper Projects were death traps, always getting stuck, rattling and shuddering on the way up, free falling on the way down. They smelled just barely better than the stairwells, and up until a few weeks ago, I never had much use for them. That was before Beans wanted me to join his... Continue Reading →

Alligator Andy

“Cancelled? How?” Andy asked through a mouthful of donut dust. Lana, his producer, swatted at a mosquito. “Look Andy. I don’t make these decisions. But you had to know...I mean the ratings were dismal.” She took a step back. “And what are you doing? We’re in the Everglades.” Alligator Andy took a look around. At... Continue Reading →


Papa stood over us, heaving and red-faced, his jowls swinging and his ears smoking. Well, the smoke could’ve have been the from kitchen, as Grandma was standing in the doorway, her mouth clamped and her lips drawn tight, unconcerned with whatever was going on at the oven. My attention snapped back to Papa as he... Continue Reading →


A Continuation of Love and Propane   Well, obviously this guy is a maniac. What makes you say that, Barb? Just look at his note. The loopy swirl, all the flourish, then, whammo, shitzo block print. Upper case, lower case. No contact with reality. I’ll lock this sucker up on aesthetics alone. Now let's take... Continue Reading →


When she spotted me, I looked  around like I had no idea how I’d gotten to the pond. Maybe Old Higgins felt the same way. He never budged, even as Lia came buzzing with energy, her bare feet slapping the planks of the dock as she came at me. “Preacher Higgins is going to baptize... Continue Reading →


I wake up the same. On the same day as any other. Tired as I roll out of bed, my alarm taunting me from the corner. I envy the shadowy corners of dawn in my room, as I float into my clothes and through the house, slogging through my tasteless breakfast as Mom scrambles around... Continue Reading →

Hairy Gary

Gary arrived at Vita-Life Insurance ten minutes early for his interview, taking the only seat available in the busy lobby. A bead of sweat broke across his forehead, as Gary's nose twitched and his watery eyes burned to a sting. He only half turned to the lady next to him, but it was enough. She... Continue Reading →

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