No Love Songs

*My YA novel, NO LOVE SONGS, hits shelves on April 18! Here's a scene with Myles and Mal, two thirds of the punk band, The Wide Awakes, getting sidetracked while working on a song together. We hit the trails along the back end of the park, hiking down to the ledge, where the rocks sit... Continue Reading →

30-Day Pass

Chapter One Levi wasn’t exactly wandering—his mother had specifically warned him against it when they’d pulled into the parking lot of the Med First Center on busy Crawford Road. She’d repeated the warning when they were in the waiting room, as she’d been filling out insurance form and Levi had asked if he could wait... Continue Reading →


The headlights sweep across the well-groomed lawns of two story houses as we turn around at the end of the street. I mute the radio while my two hulking passengers giggle like preschoolers. I’m about to shush them when, near the mailbox, the bushes wiggle. Zaye leans forward from the back seat. “There she is!”... Continue Reading →

The Chair

Daddy was acting like he’d won some sort of prize, giddy and out of breath as he lifted the chair from the truck—the straps flapping and the wires wrapped around the back—and set it down in our front yard. He said the chair was justice, it kept bad people from doing bad things. Daddy said... Continue Reading →

Crowning Glory

The sidewalks were slushy, gray with dirt and grime. The streets slicked black and the temps were fighting through the thirties. I yanked my overcoat tightly as I arrived at SL Tax Prep. Today was not going to be fun. But as say in the biz, the show must go on. After all, I was... Continue Reading →

Covid Motors

David sat at his desk, watching traffic pass. The travel agency calendar swayed gently under the blow of the fan, revealing an exotic beach lined with Tiki bars, thatch roofs and tropical drinks. He forced himself to have one more look at the email. Words like Shortages. Performance. Can’t at this time… popped out from... Continue Reading →

Bricktown Boys – Release Day

My third novel, Bricktown Boys was released to the wild yesterday. Book release day is a special day. The day all that hard work comes to fruition. Bricktown Boys has been a while in the making. And to me, it’s a special one. When I first began to take writing seriously, I had all these... Continue Reading →


I’m fighting my vacuum cleaner when a commercial screams at me from across the room. A beach scene with a diverse group of clean smiles and happy twentysomethings drinking beer from slim cans. A fiery sunset hangs to the horizon over the ocean, as the glowing embers take flight and a deep voice instructs me... Continue Reading →

The Hero

The last thing I want to do is fight Carlos Kemp. But after he challenged me in the cafeteria, right in front of Lisa Crosby and everyone else in school, what choice did I have? Now, if I don’t show my face at the roller rink, everyone will think I’m a coward.Besides, I might as... Continue Reading →


*This is a longer piece, maybe the opening chapter to something I'm working on. Please excuse typo's and errors.  --   The crowd went nuts as we stormed the field at Park Stadium. It was a perfect night for football, clear and crisp with trails of smoke from the cannons in the north endzone. We... Continue Reading →

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